M+tM Retreats

There is a beauty to be found in the rawness and simplicity of connecting with one’s inner self, immersed in the vessel of words and feelings, ideas and expressions. Too often our every day life clouds over our true nature and core desires, bringing with it innumerable “shoulds” and “must dos.” You might write for profession, folly, catharsis or some other unnamed reason. You might practice yoga for peace, strength and flexibility, or to become closer to your divine self. We, at M+tM are avid practitioners of the mindful weaving of our life’s tapestry, through movement and creative expression.
We have experienced the subtle undercurrents that influence every stitch of our being when we infuse our vital life force into all we do. Join us for a weekend of yoga (meditation, pranayama, asana, thai yoga massage) and a variety of writing sessions (Pennebaker’s Emotional Healing Through Writing, Interviewing Your Character, Memoirs)…and more!

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