Are transportation and lodging included in the retreat cost?

Lodging, yes. Your registration includes a 2 night stay at the location of the retreat. (see Retreats page for current offerings)


Transportation, no. You are responsible for any necessary travel to arrive at the retreat location. In some instances, we can coordinate transportation to/from the nearest airport, train station, etc for those arriving at a similar time.

How often do we do yoga? How often do we write?

Every day begins with a group gathering for meditation and intention setting. Every evening concludes with a closing circle and healing sound. There will be multiple yoga and writing sessions throughout the day for you to choose from during registration. You can generally expect 2-4 hours per day of yoga depending on your chosen schedule.

In the same vein, there will be group writing and sharing sessions, with a similar amount of time devoted to scheduled workshops.

Key yoga and writing sessions will be offered twice per retreat , allowing each participant the opportunity to experience the capstone of both realms.

If I am attending alone, how are my roommates determined?

The sleeping accommodations vary based on retreat location. We enjoy offering communal cabin style sleeping for a true camp and sangha (community) experience. We will work to place you with others of similar gender, age, and interests.

If you are traveling with a partner / friend / family member, we will ensure you are lodging together.

Do I have to be a professional writer to attend?

No, of course not! M+tM retreats are open to anyone who wants to explore their creativity and create with words. We encourage anyone to move through the retreat with an thirsty mind, an open heart, and a well stocked pencil case!

Do I have to have prior yoga experience to attend?

No prior yoga experience is necessary. Samantha will be guiding all level practices with modifications. We believe in the concept of Ahimsa, or Non-Harming and encourage each student to be their own best teacher, honoring where their body is for each practice.

What should I bring?

You will receive a travel guide via email prior to your retreat weekend, including a detailed packing suggestions list. Generally you will want to bring a yoga mat, comfortable clothes for yoga and outdoor adventure, close toed shoes for hikes, sunglasses and sunscreen, journal and favorite writing utensil, reusable water bottle, and a camera.

What if I’m an experienced writer who is intimidated by the idea of practicing yoga?

This is your opportunity to explore an edge, a new to you horizon! No one has to know you’ve never unrolled a mat. The yoga practices are designed to suit all levels from the beginner to the most advanced practitioner. You will be guided through ways of attuning to the energy in the body, and enjoy restorative, meditative practices that allow the body-mind-spirit to rest and recharge for more prose prowess.

Will there be free time?

Yes! A key focus of practicing yoga on and off the mat is creating space. The schedule (see sample here) supports the desire to explore, to process, to commune with nature, to have relevant conversation with fellow participants. We foster that by providing periods of time for you to wander on your own, browse the shop, or maybe schedule a private writing session with Stephanie or receive Thai massage from Samantha.

What can you tell me about the food?

Each retreat is catered by a local vendor, making best possible use of locally sourced, farm to table options. Retreats include 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and a variety of healthy snack options. You are of course welcome to bring your own snacks. At the time of registration, you’ll have the opportunity to make us aware of any special needs, food (or other) allergies, or dietary/medical concerns.