DR. STEPHANIE WRIGHT I am the author of three novels and two novellas in an urban fantasy series and an additional five southern literary novels. In 2016, I am collaborating with my brilliant daughter on The Psalster, an illustrated collection of poetry, of which I am quite proud.  I have also written weekly blogs on topics concerning PK-12 education and interpersonal violence as well as various cultural themes on both my own blog and at the world class Prague Revue. In addition to the craft of my writing, at the core of all I do, I am a social psychologist with foci in attribution theory and legal issues. My undergraduate work was completed at the illustrious High Point University (NC), and I was quite fortunate to work under the tutledge of Jim Luginbuhl and Kitty Klein at NC State University where I completed my Master’s and Ph.D. Currently, I teach at Georgia Highlands College in the foothills of the Appalachians, a region so beautiful I dare call it sacred. You can find more of my story at Wrighterly.


SAMANTHA SIMONS, 200ERYT / YACEP I am a yoga teacher passionate about holding space for learning, growth, healing, expression. My teaching weaves traditional hatha with a focus on integrating our clarity on the mat with how we move through the world. I’m an ocean soul that thrives near saltwater, my inspiration comes from my family, the outdoors, music, intuitive inquiry, and creative expression. By day I can be found at Honest Soul Yoga in Alexandria, VA serving in a programs. teaching, and teacher training capacity. All of these inform a dedication to the practice of living yoga, for myself, and space-holding for clients. My gratitude is ever-extended to all my teachers with special consideration for Dennis Purcell, Narayani Noelle Whittington, and Marc Holzman. You can find more of my story at Rhapsody Wellness.