Welcome to Mindfulness and the Muse, a group of offerings surrounding the central idea that combining mindful practices with the arts, we can deeply discover and express the most true version of ourselves. In doing so, we empower those around us to do the same. It is our pleasure to use this space as an opportunity to discuss M+tM, the inception of virtual courses and retreats, and how we hope to serve you on your journey as a yogi, writer, or both.



Samantha + Stephanie are sisters, who share more than past wombmate status. Like the Celtic knot symbolizing sisterhood – the triquetra entwined with a heart – our lifelong paths have crossed over and under to weave themselves into a tapestry narrative built on light and shadow, note and echo. We have both long loved yoga, although Samantha’s dharma has led her down the body-mind-spirit path as a space-holder, her livelihood teaching and guiding in allied areas. We have both worshiped at the feet of the written word, although Stephanie has devoted more of herself to creating in that realm. Neither of us would feel whole without either of those portions of self, yoga + writing, and it is our good fortune to look toward a future where each of us can continue to practice both crafts in our preferred ratios. Combined, we have nearly a century of yoga + writing expertise to offer you, and we are so honored and excited to do so.


Whence did the idea of M+M come?
Like all sisters and friends, we frequently talk about our major passions. These include yoga + writing. During one such recent conversation, Stephanie suggested attending a yoga+writing workshop. Samantha replied, “We should FACILITATE one.” Thus was born M+tM. Neither of us is the sort to allow grass to grow under our feet. If we feel strongly about a possibility, we engage the how-do-I-make-this-happen? portion of our brains until we hit a wall. Then, we put a ladder against the wall and climb over it (or tunnel under or bulldoze through)… Within weeks, we secured our first location, created a flow for the program, and were well down the path towards a cooperative venture to bring our passion and expertise to you. Both of us are lifetime educators. M+tM was a no brainer.


So, what exactly is a M+M Retreat or Workshop?

Retreats are approximately 48 hours of intense yoga, intuitive self-inquire, writing practice, and creative expression, spread over a 2.5 day span.

Each retreat offers the following standard elements:
  • morning meditations with intention setting
  • basic yoga (all levels)
  • yang/yin yoga rooted in the panchamahabhutas (5 great elements)
  • restorative yoga
  • intuitive expression exploration
  • writing: back to basics
  • characterization
  • poetry
  • emotional healing through writing
  • nature explorations
  • evening bonfire + drum circle
  • free time and/OR individual sessions with Samantha/Stephanie
  • free child care during all scheduled sessions
  • six full meals

Major sessions (i.e., yoga/intuitive creative exploration/writing) are scheduled concurrently, and participants will be expected to select their schedules at the time of registration. Major sessions will be offered twice each, allowing participants to enjoy the full experience.


Workshops are approximately 20 hours of focused yoga, intuitive self-inquiry, writing      practice,  and creative expression, spread over a 2 day span. (*accommodations / meals / transportation not included)

Each workshop offers the following standard elements:
  • morning comm(UNITY) intention setting, opening meditation and yoga practice
  • yang/yin yoga rooted in the panchamahabhutas (5 great elements)
  • self inquiry + creative expression activities
  • writing: back to basics
  • characterization
  • poetry
  • emotional healing through writing using the Pennebaker model
  • small break out groups and peer creation / review


 To discuss arranging a retreat or workshop in your region, please contact Samantha + Stephanie.